Hi ITPC Partners! In this lecturing session of the Indonesian Design Sustainable Studio collaboration between ITPC Sydney and UTS Faculty of Global Studies. We are delighted to have Pak Vedi Kurnia Buana, the Consul General of Indonesia for NSW, QLD and SA. He delivered a lecture on the socio-cultural relations between Indonesia and Australia. We are keen to know more about our relation as a neighbouring country which has a long history!

Consul General Vedi elaborated about the relations between the two countries and how it is vital to develop our connection further. He mentions the beginning of our relation which began around the 18th century between the Makassan fishermen and the Aboriginal people, and how Australia helped Indonesia during their journey to independence. Although there are challenges and opportunities in this relationship, the people of both countries are the most important factor in creating a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship between both countries.

We are so grateful to have Consul General Vedi as our guest lecturer. His role as a diplomat for Indonesia provided deep insights into how we can maintain and continuously evolve the relationship between Indonesia and Australia. So let’s do our part and get to know more about our neighbour!