Hi ITPC Partners, the seven UTS faculty of Global Studies students have just done their final presentation on Indonesia product campaign at the ITPC Sydney office. After 12 weeks with more than 700 internship hours, this final presentation marks the end of their internship at ITPC Sydney. This program is one of the vital milestones for the implementation of Indonesia-Australia CEPA in term of people-to-people connection.

The seven students namely Pia, Rachel, Darcey, Simona, Ebony, Mariella and Kelsey have gain valuable experience on Indonesia business practices that would nurture them as a young professional. This inaugural internship is an ongoing program between the UTS and ITPC Sydney that will enable students from the faculty of Design and Faculty of International Studies and Educations from UTS to learn about exciting stories on how Indonesian products were made. We look forward for the next batch of interns!

Their presentation day also attended by The Director General of National Export Development of the Indonesia Ministry of Trade, Mr. Didi Sumedi, The Consul General of Indonesia to NSW, SA and QLD, Mr. Vedi Kurnia Buana, The Trade Attache of Indonesia to Canberra, Mr. Agung Wicaksono, The Director of ITPC Sydney, Ms. Ayu Siti Maryam, The Deputy Director of ITPC Sydney, Ms. Annisa Puspasari, The Deputy Head of School International Studies and Global Societies of UTS, Mr. Andrew Hurley, the Program Coordinator of Indonesia Sustainable Studio, Ms. Kesty Pringgoharjono, and fellow UTS Lecturers and Professors.