Hi ITPC Partners, in this lecturing session with the faculty of Global Studies students from UTS, we are happy to have Irvan Helmi, he is the CEO of Pipiltin Cocoa and Anomali Coffee which are in Indonesia. He started Pipiltin Cocoa in 2013 with his older sister. The Anomali Coffee was founded in 2007 as a roaster company providing specialty coffee with premium quality from Indonesia. We are keen to know more about Indonesian coffee and chocolate!

The value of Anomali Coffee is specifically focusing on curating coffee. Indonesia has the most diverse coffee and cocoa types in the world with different flavours may be produced from the same seeds depending on the location and environment. 96.06% of the coffee production is from the smallholders’ farmers. Irvan stated that it is not enough to only be a proud Indonesian; some justification must be made to promote the quality of the Indonesian. They build Anomali as a commercial business with a purpose to not only help people, but to empower them into realising the importance of sustainability.

Pipiltin Cocoa transforms cocoa from the farmers into a chocolate bar, in other words bean to chocolate. The cacao trees only grow in tropical climate. Premium manufacturers in European countries such as Belgium, Switzerland, etc, imports most of their cocoa from East java to create the premium chocolate that can be found everywhere. The Pipiltin Cocoa sells couverture where it has better texture and more complex flavour. The company has been helping people in Ransiki, Western Papua to promote the Ransiki Cocoa, by providing pathway for them. In early 2020, the King and Queen of Netherland visited one of their factory sites to taste different types of chocolate.
It was delightful to have Mr Irvan explaining the coffee and chocolate origins from Indonesia, we now know that Indonesian has many unique tastes of coffee and cocoa beans that are renowned world-wide. We can’t wait to taste it!