ITPC Sydney partners, Indonesia has been exporting not only raw materials, but also processed and manufactured products. One of Indonesia’s leading export manufacturers is Pertamina Lubricants. ITPC Sydney seeks to promote it to young Australians through the Inspiring Indonesia Talk Series on Monday, March 8, 2021. M. Taufiq Setyawan, Chief Representative of Pertamina Lubricants for Australia talked about oil industry and the Australia – Indonesia experience in front of 20 students and young Australian youth.

The Head of ITPC Sydney, Ayu Siti Maryam, informed, “Indonesia is transforming into an exporter country for manufactured products and provides many manufactured products from the upstream and downstream sectors.”

Pertamina as Indonesia’s energy locomotive has provided energy in Indonesia and developed its products and services in the world energy industry. Pertamina is also committed to contributing to the provision of renewable and sustainable energy. Therefore, Pertamina needs the most reliable candidates to join them in their mission to fight for future energy.

The event was a collaboration between ITPC Sydney with the Australia Indonesia Youth Association (AIYA) Chapter New South Wales and the Indonesian Literature Club.