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Utilizing IA-CEPA To Penetrate Australian Export Markets

ITPC Sydney News, Good morning ITPC Sydney partners! As part of the education program for Indonesian MSMEs regarding the IA CEPA and the Australian market, ITPC Sydney and the Indonesian Consulate General in Sydney collaborated with Bank Indonesia Beijing, holding an interactive talk show. (22/02/22)

Webinar Collaboration between Rumah BUMN and ITPC Sydney

Hi ITPC partners, kali ini Kepala ITPC Sydney, Ibu Ayu Siti Maryam berkesempatan menjadi pembicara pada webinar pelatihan ekspor ke Australia, yang mana kolaborasi antara ITPC Sydney dengan Rumah BUMN. Acara ini dalam rangka memberi informasi mengenai pangsa pasar Australia kepada pelaku usaha UMKM. (28/01/22) Bu Ayu menjelaskan tips and trik agar para UMKM dapat […]

UTS Global Studies Students Presentation Day

Hi ITPC Partners, the seven UTS faculty of Global Studies students have just done their final presentation on Indonesia product campaign at the ITPC Sydney office. After 12 weeks with more than 700 internship hours, this final presentation marks the end of their internship at ITPC Sydney. This program is one of the vital milestones […]

The Director of ITPC Sydney is a guest lecturer at the KKL Faculty of Law and Sharia, Walisongo State Islamic University, Semarang

ITPC Sydney News October 6, 2021 The Director of ITPC Sydney is a guest lecturer at the KKL Faculty of Law and Sharia, Walisongo State Islamic University, Semarang. On that occasion, Mrs. Ayu shared information about International Trade Law and also about the role of ITPC Sydney as an institution promoting Indonesian products in Australia. […]

Lecturing Session with Irvan Helmi

Hi ITPC Partners, in this lecturing session with the faculty of Global Studies students from UTS, we are happy to have Irvan Helmi, he is the CEO of Pipiltin Cocoa and Anomali Coffee which are in Indonesia. He started Pipiltin Cocoa in 2013 with his older sister. The Anomali Coffee was founded in 2007 as […]

Lecturing Session with Consul General of Indonesia in Sydney, Vedi Kunia Buana

Hi ITPC Partners! In this lecturing session of the Indonesian Design Sustainable Studio collaboration between ITPC Sydney and UTS Faculty of Global Studies. We are delighted to have Pak Vedi Kurnia Buana, the Consul General of Indonesia for NSW, QLD and SA. He delivered a lecture on the socio-cultural relations between Indonesia and Australia. We […]

Lecturing Session with Chef William Wongso

Hi ITPC Partners, in today Indonesian Design Studio Session with UTS Faculty of Global Studies, we have Chef William Wongso one of Indonesia’s most famous culinary experts. We are thrilled to have him as our guest lecture. His well-renowned expertise is acknowledged worldwide. In 2001, he received the Chevalier dans I’Ordre National du Merite Award […]

Lecturing Session with Regina Kindagen

Hi ITPC Partners, in today’s lecturing session of Indonesian Design Studio Program with UTS, Faculty of Global Studies, we have Regina Kindangen, CEO of Nancy Craft Co. and the member of HIMKI (Indonesian Furniture and Craft Industry Association). Regina Kindangen is the third generation of her family in their rattan handicrafts and furniture business. Established […]

Capacity Building Regional Investor Relations Unit

Hello ITPC Partners! (Friday, 10 September 2021) One of the tasks of ITPC Sydney is to share knowledge about Australia so that prospective Indonesian exporters can get to know more about the Australian market, for that at the Bank Indonesia event “Capacity Building Regional Investor Relations Unit” which is aimed at Bank employees Indonesia (BI) […]

ITPC Sydney Promotes Australian Fashion Market Opportunities During the Covid-19 Pandemic

[NEWS] The Director of ITPC Sydney, Ayu Siti Maryam, discussed the ease of facilities that can be utilized by fashion industry players to penetrate the global market amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, especially for the Australian market, during the Go Fashion webinar event on June 12, 2021. Go Fashion is a capacity building, networking and opportunity […]

Maximize IA CEPA, ITPC Sydney synergizes with Bank Indonesia and the Indonesian Consulate General in Sydney to facilitate business matching of Indonesian SMEs with importers in Australia

(Sydney, 15 April 2021) – ITPC Sydney partners, we collaborated with Bank Indonesia and the Indonesian Consulate General in Sydney, held a business matching session at the Indonesia – Australia SMEs Promotion Event on Thursday, 15 April 2021. This online event brought together eight SME products food and home decor from Indonesia with five diaspora […]

Accompanying SMEs in West Java Province, Director of ITPC Sydney Talk About Export Coaching

ITPC Sydney partners, IA-CEPA makes it easier for Indonesian products to be exported to Australia by eliminating import tariffs for thousands of Indonesian products. In order to increase opportunities for Indonesian exporters to Australia, the Director of ITPC Sydney, Ayu Siti Maryam, facilitated mentoring for participants in the Export Coaching Program on Thursday, March 25, […]

Training program for Indonesian diaspora in Australia

ITPC Sydney facilitates a training program for Indonesian diaspora in Australia. This training teaches the details on how to import from Indonesia.